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The Non-Sticky Tricky Dicky

You are what you drink

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FRIENDING POLICY: I am generally a very friendly person, but as I use this journal for a lot of personal stuff which has little to do with fandom, I'm reasonably careful about whom I befriend. If you would like to 'friend' me, then contact me - through pm, by commenting on a public post in my journal, or by saying hello a few times when we bump into each other in comms or other people's journals. I like to 'click' with someone before friending. Adding me to your flist out of the blue with no explanation is unlikely to gain a response. Just saying.

THE BIO: Writer, wife, mother, grateful recipient of intermittent attention from the cat - that's Mr. The Cat to you, buddy. Ex-academic, with emphasis on the ex. Entirely too many years spent in the sixteenth century, metaphorically speaking. Now trying to catch up with the 21st; might have reached 1897 by now. Keen on good English, style matters, been savaged by the writing bug, but you touch-a my commas, I kill-a your dog.... Idiosyncratic comma user. Friendly but intermittently vituperative. Often unnecessarily polysyllabic.

I am 47 years old. Forty-seven. Two score years and seven. I may at some time link to adult-rated material, and I definitely use ripe language from time to time. If you are under age, please go away and come back after your eighteenth birthday.

While I am now embarking on a career in original fiction, I started to fulfil my dream of becoming a writer with Harry Potter fanfiction in September 2007 - I sail the good ship SS/HG and have recently diverted a little with some genfic. I post on TPP and AO3, as richardgloucester.

HP Fanfic awards, 2nd place Darkfic photo hpfanficawards_2013_FWFTN_2ndDarkfic.jpg


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For my stories "Seven Brides for Seven Snapes", "A Taxing Affair", "Through Silence", "Now You See Them", "The Scientific Approach", "The Gamekeeper" and "The Janus Rose":
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